Cash Print/Copy Vending

Pcounter Station can be used along with our TBS 9900X coin/bill unit, to provide Pcounter deposit and "pay to print" services in academic lab and library environments.  Together, they can provide 24x7 automated deposit services to Pcounter printing accounts.  This also eliminates the need for staff to handle cash directly. 

  • The TBS 9900X can be wall-mounted, or purchased with an optional floor stand.TBS 9900X
  • An optional card reader can be installed, which allows the TBS 9900X to be used as a card add-value station.
  • The TBS 9900X can also be connected to a copier (copier interface cable required) at the same time as Pcounter Station, providing simultaneous print and copy cash vending.
  • Pcounter Station software is included with the purchase of a TBS 9900X.

For more information, visit the Pcounter Station pages.